Display Recorder

by Ryan Petrich

Records direct to H.264 or MJPG/AVI

App & web site to manage recordings

Optionally records mic audio

On-device YouTube uploading

Adjustable framerate & quality settings

Hardware accelerated video encoding

Activator integration for quick access

Remote control via web interface

DisplayRecorder does not record system audio currently. It will record mic audio if the "H.264 + Mic" video format is selected in Settings.

Support iOS 9.3

Fix camera roll permissions error on iOS 9

Fix iFile integration on iOS 9

Fix tapper settings not applying immediately in some cases

Fix landscape recording resulting in cropped videos on iPad

Allow assigning an Activator action to launch the Display Recorder app

Support iOS 9.0

Support iOS 8.0 to 8.4

Add Flipswitch integration

Add bitrate settings on iOS 7

Allow high framerate on iOS 7

Fix crash on iPad/iOS 7 when rotating at the lock screen

Add integration with the native sharing view on iOS 7

Hide features that aren't yet available on iOS 7

Support iOS 7 including arm64 devices

Cache video image thumbnails